Solo Exhibitions
2023 IKOB- Museum for Contemporary Art, Eupen (Phileas Collaboration) (BEL)
2022 I‘m Going in A Field, Kunsthalle Feldbach (AT)
2022 Scenarios for City Dwellers, Kunsthalle Graz (AT)
2021 Performative Screenings #72, school (AT)
2020 SIZE MATTERS - Raum für Kunst & Film, Duo w/ Ursula Hübner (AT)
2019 COCCYX (the abyss beneath), New Jörg (AT)
2019 Parallel Vienna, Artist Statement, Room220 (AT)
2018 9 is 1 and 10 is none, bazament, Tirana (ALB)
2017 Veronika Eberhart, Neue Galerie, Studio, Graz (AT)

Group Exhibitions / Performances / Screenings (Selection)
2024 HKW Berlin (DE)
2024 Diagonale Graz (AT)
2023 Porto - Post Porto Doc (PRT)
2023 Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris (FR) - Rencontres Internationales
2023 Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (DE)
2023 Diagonale, Graz (AT)
2023 Parallel, Vienna (AT)
2023 ISCP Open Studio, New York (USA)
2023 Film and Cinema in Styria, History Museum, Joanneum Graz (DE)
2022 Avantgarde and the Contemporary, Belvedere 21, Vienna, (AT)
2022 Speculative Fiction, Exhibit, Vienna (AT)
2022 Penny in the Fountain, VBKÖ, Vienna (AT)
2022 IKOP Museum for Contemprary Art, Online Screening (BEL)
(with works by Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Monika Uchiyama and Veronika Eberhart)
2021 TRANSART Festival & Bolzano Art Week (IT-BZ)
2021 Haus Wien (AT)
2021 Établissement d‘en face (BEL)
2021 rotor Graz (AT)
2021 Lime Crush / Sculpture Garden, Belvedere21, Vienna (AT)
2021 Kunstraum Steiermark, Neue Galerie Graz (AT)
2020 Sunset Kino - Salzburger Kunstverein (AT)
2020 Mackey Garage Top, Los Angeles (USA)
2020 disturbance: witch / Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin (DE)
2020 viennacontemporary, Land Steiermark, Marx Halle, Wien, (AT)
2019 Vienna Biennale 2019, Hysterical Mining / Kunsthalle Wien / MQ (AT)
2019 The Mystery of the Magic Formula. (Performance) Kunsthalle Wien / Karlspaltz (AT)
2019 Municipal Gallery Kharkiv (UKR)
2019 Hidden Bar, Art Basel (CH)
2019 Über das Neue. Junge Szenen in Wien mit New Jörg / Belvedere 21 (AT)
2019 Kunstraum Steiermark, Neue Galerie Graz (AT)
2019 Stockholmsyndrom with Lime Crush / Donaufestival, Krems (AT)
2018 Promising Paradise, Vienna Art Week, Traktorfabrik Wien (AT)
2018 „Is it language that they´re after? (keine*r antwortete.)“ / Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Wien (AT)
2018 9 is 1 and 10 is none, Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)
2018 Magic Circle / Kunstraum Niederösterreich (AT)
2018 responseABILITY / rotor Graz (AT)
2018 Diagonale Graz Festival for Austrian Film (AT)
2017 QUEER ENCOUNTERS / CalArts, Los Angeles (USA)
2017 Diploma exhibtion / xhibit, Wien (AT)
2017 PREFACE: Image Politics in Fashion and Art / A–GALLERY, Tokio (JPN)
2017 Bosom Friends / VBKÖ, Wien (AT)

Awards / Scholarships
2024 Austrian State Grant for Visual Arts, BMKOES (AT)
2023 Studio Residency at ISCP, New York (USA)
2022 Residency at foundation 17, Prishtina (Kosovo)
2020 WIELS Residency (BEL) / Artist-in-Europe Stipendium des Landes Steiermark
2019 MAK Center Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program, Mackey Apartments, Los Angeles (USA)
2018 Theodor Körner promotion Prize, Theodor Körner Fonds, Wien (AT)
2018 „STARTstipendium“, Starting Grant, BMUKK Wien, (AT)
2018 Residence scholarship of the province of Styria in Sarajevo - Public Room (BIH)
2018 ArtStart Grant, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)
2017 Artist in Residence, KULM Ton.Erde.Lehm (AT)
2017 Honorary Prize for Fine Arts / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2016 Housing and studio Scholarship /Letter- Lemberger Scholarship, Vienna
2016 Talent Grant Ö1 Austrian Broadcast Corporation
2016 Residence scholarship at Albania T.I.C.A. – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art
2015 Scholarship at the International Summer Academy Salzburg

Publications (Selection)
Art Viewer, Veronika Eberhart, Kunsthalle Feldbach
Relational Utopias, Vanessa Joan Müller about „SPECULATIVE FICTION“at exhibit gallery, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,
In Spike Art Magazine #73, 2022 (mention)
No Side to Fall In, S. 125 – 143, in: From the Prop to the Inside, Michaela Schweighofer (Hg.), Wien 2020
COXXYX (the abyss beneath) - Veronika Eberhart, New Jörg (Hg.), Wien 2019
Contemporary Art Daily, Okt 2019
online unter:
Wer hat Angst vor Technofeminismus?
Patricia Grzonka über „HYSTERICAL MINING“ in der KUNSTHALLE Wien, In TEXTE ZUR KUNST, 2019 (mention)
Veronika Eberhart - Witchcraft! In: Artemisia, Kunst und Feminismus blog von Nina Schedlmayer
Magic Circle, Kunstraum Niederösterreich (Hg.), Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien 2018
QUEER ENCOUNTERS - VIENNA TRANS L.A., Zoe de Witt (Hg.), Edition Ananael Verlag, Wien 2018
Wo bleibt die Subversion der Hexenkünste? In: Die Presse von Almuth Spiegler, 11.05.2018 (mention)
Magic Circle: Hexenjagd im Kunstraum Niederoesterreich In: von Sylvia Metz, 15.04.2018 (mention)
9 is 1 and 10 is none, Veronika Eberhart (Hg.), Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien 2017
PREFACE: Image Politics in Fashion and Art, Vivien Sakra Brandl & Andreas Spiegel (Hg.), Vienna 2017
Exhibition Catalog for the award of the prize Ö1 talent grant, Austrian Broadcast Corporation ORF (Hg.), Vienna 2016
Dak’art In: an.schläge – das feministische Magazin, Cultural Work, Vienna 2016

Lectures, teaching
2021 - 2022 Lecturer / University of Art and Design Linz, department Experimental Art, Anna Jermolaewa (AT)
2019 - 2020 Lecturer / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna / (Gender Queer Studies ) (AT)
2018 Artisttalk Skulpturinstitut / University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT)
2018 Artisttalk Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Historijski muzej BIH)
2017 Book presentation „9 is one and 10 is none“ / Neue Galerie Graz - Universalmuseum Joanneum (AT)
2017 Book presentation „9 is one and 10 is none“ / New Jörg (AT)
2016 Artisttalk TICA AIRLAB Tirana / Qendra Rinore e Tiranës, Tirana/Albania (ALB)
2015 - 2016 study assistant for Univ.-Prof. Mag. Christian Kravagna / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)
2012 - 2016 Drum-Workshops & Bandcoaching Workshops / Girlsrockcamp NÖ / Hollabrunn (AT) & Wr. Neustadt (AT)
2013 Music and Film / International Youth Media Festival (Youki) Wels (AT)
2011 - 2012 Organization of Girlsrockcamps NÖ / Wr. Neustadt (AT)

Film Music
2015 Soundtrack for the documentary FtWTF -Female to What The Fuck
(90min, Directors: Katharina Lampert und Cordula Thym)
2013 Soundtrack for the movie Talea (75min, Director: Katharina Mückstein)

Music related releases
2022 Fettkakao 50 / EP Vinyl //fett 050
2022 Lime Crush / Timewaster , EP Vinyl //fett 054
2018 Lime Crush / Sub Divide , LP Vinyl //fett 048
2016 Lime Crush / Alte Sau split 7“ //fett 041
2015 Lime Crush- Vinyl 7“ //fett 038
2013 Tirana- Talea Vinyl 7“ //fett 031
2012 Plaided – Playdate, LP Vinyl & CD //fett 028
2010 Plaided – people lying around in dirt, EP Vinyl //fett019
2009 Ilsebill – Vinyl 7“ // fett012
released on Fettkakao an Art & Record Label based in Vienna, Austria, which is run by Andi Dvorák and was founded in 2005.

2017 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, MFA Fine Art
2009 University of Vienna, MA Sociology
2015 - 2019 Education in the Feldenkrais-Methode® / Feldenkraisinstitut Vienna
2017 - 2018 School for Independent Film / Friedl Kubelka